Management Strategy for Unicameral Bone Cyst

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卓進益(Chin-Yi Chuo);傅尹志(Yin-Chih Fu);簡松雄(Song-Hsiung Chien);林高田(Gau-Tyan Lin);王國照(Gwo-Jaw Wang)

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單腔骨囊腫 ; 中空螺絲 ; unicameral bone cyst ; UBC ; simple bone cyst ; SBC ; cannulated screw


The Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences

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19卷6期(2003 / 06 / 01)

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289 - 295

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The management of a unicameral bone cyst varies from percutaneous needle biopsy, aspiration, and local injection of steroid, autogenous bone marrow, or demineralized bone matrix to the more invasive surgical procedures of conventional curettage and grafting (with autogenous or allogenous bone) or subtotal resection with bone grafting. The best treatment for a unicameral bone cyst is yet to be identified. Better understanding of the pathology will change the concept of management. The aim of treatment is to prevent pathologic fracture, to promote cyst healing, and to avoid cyst recurrence and re-fracture. We retrospectively reviewed 17 cases of unicameral bone cysts (12 in the humerus, 3 in the femur, 2 in the fibula) managed by conservative observation, curettage and bone grafting with open reduction and internal fixation, or continuous decompression and drainage with a cannulated screw. We suggest percutaneous cannulated screw insertion to promote cyst healing and prevent pathologic fracture. We devised a protocol for the management of unicameral bone cysts.

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