Alstrom Syndrome with Acute Pancreatitis: A Case Report

Translated Titles

Alstrom症候群合併急性胰臟炎 ─ 病例報告


吳文誌(Wen-Chih Wu);陳信成(Shinn-Cherng Chen);戴嘉言(Chia-Yen Dia);余明隆(Ming-Lung Yu);謝明裕(Ming-Yuh Hsieh);林子堯(Zu-Yau Lin);王良彥(Liang-Yen Wang);蔡榮發(Jung-Fa Tsai);張文宇(Wen-Yu Chang);莊萬龍(Wan-Long Chuang)

Key Words

Alstrom症侯群 ; 急性胰臟炎 ; Alstrom syndrome ; acute pancreatitis


The Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences

Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

19卷7期(2003 / 07 / 01)

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358 - 361

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We report the case of a 21-year-old female with Alstrom syndrome who also suffered from acute pancreatitis of obscure manifestation. The patient had underlying cone-rod dystrophy of the retinas, nystagmus, obesity, progressive sensorineural hearing impairment, diabetes mellitus, and hypertriglyceridemia, compatible with the clinical diagnosis of Alstrom syndrome. Serial examinations showed liver dysfunction and pancreatitis. In treating a patient with poor communication (i.e. cone-rod dystrophy and hearing impairment) suffering from acute illness, understanding the underlying disease and the potential for pancreatitis with hypertriglyceridemia is necessary. It is also a challenge to treat a patient with multiple system involvement. In conclusion, Alstrom syndrome is a disease of systemic multi-organ involvement, and hepatic disease and pancreatitis, possibly due to dyslipidemia, appear to be manifestations of Alstrom syndrome.

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