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Application of Fluid Inclusions in Microfissures to Study of Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation: A Case Study of Gaoyou Depression


谈彩萍(Cai-Ping Tan);倪培(Pei Ni);刘翠荣(Cui-Rong Liu)

Key Words

地质学 ; 微裂隙 ; 流体包裹体 ; 均一温度 ; 油气运移 ; 成藏期次及时间 ; geology ; microfissure ; fluid inclusion ; homogenization temperature ; oil and gas migration ; accumulation-forming stage and time



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24卷5期(2005 / 10 / 01)

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537 - 542

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In this paper, the penetrating relationship of microfissures in sandstone grains was used to determine the homogenization temperature of salt-water inclusions in the cement within microfissures and the formation ages of inclusions. Combined with structural development, source-rock evolution and paleogeothermal gradient, this paper restored the burial depth and time for the formation of inclusions of various ages. Based on observing the existence or nonexistence of hydrocarbon inclusions in fluid inclusions of various ages and the development extent of hydrocarbon inclusions, the authors also deal with the ages and time as well as the primary and secondary relations of hydrocarbon migration.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 地球科學與地質學