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Study on Framework of population-targeted National Macro Health Policy System


謝長勇(Chang-Yong Xie);張鷺鷺(Lu-Lu Zhang);歐崇陽(Chong-Yang Ou);楊祖興(Zu-Xing Yang);李淩(Ling Li)

Key Words

醫療衛生服務系統 ; 衛生政策 ; 模型 ; health delivery system ; health policy ; models



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26卷11期(2005 / 11 / 15)

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1236 - 1238

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Chinese Abstract


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Objective: To study the framework of population-targeted national macro health policy system and its reforming measures. Methods: Based on literature reviewing, the atuthors designed the national macro health policy by employing the modality for health policy development and system dynamic model. Results: The framework of population-targeted national macro health policy system was successfully constructed; the Shebenzhumo (burden shifting) model for the fond raising problems of national health system was set up; and the suggestions were given on the reform of health system. Conclusion: The framework of national macro health policy in this article broadens the connotation of the health delivery system, which may help to achieve population health by improving the performance of the health delivery system.

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