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The Editorials of the Untied Daily News toward the Magnificent Political Events during the Postwar Taiwan




彭明輝(Ming-Fui Pang)

Key Words

社論 ; 傳播媒體 ; 中壢事件 ; 美麗島事件 ; 台灣獨立 ; Editorials ; mass communication ; Chung-Li event ; Formosa event ; Taiwan independence



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

18期(2001 / 05 / 01)

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277 - 308

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Chinese Abstract

本文主要討論戰後台灣重大政治事件發生過程中,《聯合報》社論的立場與觀點。《聯合報》在創刊初始即對台灣政治抱持高度關心的立場,因而《聯合報》對重大政治議題,時以作為“社會公器”的立場加以突顯;但在戰後台灣的政治發展脈絡中,《聯合報》的言論向來有其明顯之立場。 整體而言,《聯合報》的言論立場向來被視為較偏向執政當局,本文分析《聯合報》的立論,在一定程度上即與執政當局相唱和,惟其所處時代背景似乎應列入考量。做為大眾傳播媒體的《聯合報》,對重大政治事件的報導可謂相當多樣,候社論則往往有其殊立場與觀點。

English Abstract

This article tries to discuss the position and viewpoint of the United daily news' editorials about the process of the magnificent political events during the postwar decades in Taiwan. From the first issue of publication, the United daily news kept being highly concerned about Taiwan politics. Therefore, when in the faces of magnificent political issues, its position of “social mechanism” was so obvious. Without doubting, the paper has its special position during the political process in Taiwan. In general, the paper has long being viewed to tend to the party in power. Though it will echo with the party in power to some extent when anlysising the argumentation of the paper; meanwhile, we should pay attention to the age and background of the paper. As a mass communication, the United daily news shows varieties when reporting the magnificent political events. It may be critical to analysis its position and viewpoint with afterthought, but it can't be ignored that the development of mass communication under the instruction of the government.

Topic Category 人文學 > 歷史學
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