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Chinese Malaysian Literature and Nationalism: On the Traumatic Modernity of Chinese Malaysian Literature




黃錦樹(Kim-Chew Ng)

Key Words

馬華文學 ; 民族主義 ; 創傷現代性 ; 國家文學 ; 靈魂 ; Chinese Malaysian literature ; nationalism ; traumatic modernity ; national literature ; soul



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34卷8期(2006 / 01 / 01)

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175 - 192

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Malaysia has gained her independence for about fifty years. Though Chinese Malaysian literature has a 50-year history, like the situation of ethnic Chinese and Chinese education in the country, the structural problem remains unchanged. The obvious and invisible pressure from the Malays and Malay nationalism is still strong. After the Malays became the dominant group of the country after independence, Malay nationalism, in the name of patriotism, turned itself into a strong force of assimilation, urging Chinese Malaysians to give up or transfer their cultural allegiance. The Malay elite and intellectuals as well as the state apparatus have made use of the advantage to help the development of Malay literature. Following the implementation of the New Economic Policy in 1971, Malay privileges and Malay land reservations have been taken for granted, and Malay literature has become the national literature of Malaysia. This paper argues that, under such a condition, the modernity of Chinese Malaysian literature could only be represented as various traumatic experiences (such as the impossible nativeness and the fragmented Chineseness), and hence the suggestion of a departure from nation to search for a new beginning.

Topic Category 人文學 > 中國文學
人文學 > 外國文學
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