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What Is a Stranger?: Reading Edward W. Said's "Freud and the Non-European"




單德興(Te-Hsing Shan)

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薩依德 ; 《佛洛伊德與非歐裔》 ; 佛洛伊德 ; 《摩西與一神教》 ; 外邦人 ; 他者/異己 ; Edward W. Said ; Freud and the Non-European ; Sigmund Freud ; Moses and Monotheism ; stranger ; the other



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34卷8期(2006 / 01 / 01)

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25 - 40

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Edward W. Said published two books in 2003 before his untimely death on September 25th, one of which is "Freud and the Non-European", consisting of his lecture given at the Freud Museum in London and a response from Jacqueline Rose, a Jewish feminist psychoanalytical scholar. Taking Sigmund Freud's final work Moses and Monotheism as his point of departure, Said discusses the two ways in which the term "non-European" is used to exclude "strangers"-"one that applies to Freud's own time; the other to the period after his death in 1939." To Said, "[b]oth are deeply relevant to a reading of his work today." Through his powerful reading of Freud's last book, Said deals with important issues such as the problematics of essentialized identity, foreignness and exclusivity, exclusion and inclusion, knowledge and power, archeology and nation-building, re-inventing traditions, and Zionism. It is precisely through this kind of active engagement and scholarly intervention that Said exemplifies what he regards in Representations of the Intellectual as "two essential features of intellectual action"-namely, "[k]nowing how to use language well and knowing when to intervene in language." This paper aims at (1) providing a nuanced reading of Said's powerful reinterpretation of Freud's text, (2) investigating the important social, political, and cultural relevance involved, and (3) demonstrating that Freud and the Non-European is a unique combination of intellectual intervention, productive dialogue, ethnic tolerance, mutual understanding, and sincere reconciliation.

Topic Category 人文學 > 中國文學
人文學 > 外國文學
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