"Sinocrassula vietnamenis" (Crassulaceae), New Species and New Generic Record in the Flora of Vietnam




Leonid V. Averyanov;Vyacheslav V. Byalt;The Van Pham;Nguyen Tien Vinh;Phan Ke Loc;Nguyen Quang Hieu

Key Words

"Crassulaceae" ; new species ; plant diversity ; plant geography ; plant taxonomy ; "Sinocrassula vietnamensis" ; Vietnam



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59卷4期(2014 / 12 / 01)

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348 - 352

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English Abstract

New species,-"Sinocrassula vietnamensis (Crassulaceae)" discovered in the Northern Vietnam is described and illustrated. Standard citations of type specimens, description, name etymology, data on ecology, phenology and distribution, as well as short taxonomic remarks for the new species are provided. The species differs from its closest ally "S. diversifolia" in large well developed rosettes, hairy leaves, white flowers and long styles. The discovery of this species in Vietnam remarkably extends the geographical range of the genus southwards.

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