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Gross Composition of Four Hsian-tsao (Mesona procumbens Hoemsl) at Different Growth Stages




胡敏夫(M. F. Hu);林禮輝(L. F. Lin)

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35卷2期(1986 / 06 / 01)

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180 - 185

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以4個仙草品種爲材料,於移值後120、150、180及190天分別收穫,以探討生育期長短對仙草莖葉主成份含量變化之影響。試驗結果發現仙草莖葉之粗蛋白質含量隨著生長日數增進而降低,但脂肪含量與纖維含量則隨著生長日數增進而增加。可溶性無氮物(Nitrogen free extract)和乾物質(Dry matter)含量於180天生長期較高。因比,以可溶性無氮物及乾物質含量作爲仙草採收指標,則其最適採收期,應當於移值後180天爲佳,不需待至值株花蕾形成期。

English Abstract

Four varieties of hsian-tsao (Mesona procumbens Hemsl), i. e., small leaf runner type, small leaf bunch type, big leaf bunch type, and big leaf runner type, were harvested on the 120th, 150th, 180th and 190th day after transplanting. Gross composition of stems and leaves were analyzed and compared at these different growth stages. The results showed that crude protein content in the stems and leaves of hsian-tsao varieties all decreased during the developing stages. However, the crude fat and crude fiber content increased with the advance of maturity. Compared with the results of another three harvest days, both the NFE (nitrogen free extract) and dry matter cotnents were much higher on the 180th day, which could be used as the best harvest time. It is not necessary to harvest the leaves and stems until the formation of flower buds, because generative development of hsian-tsao plants could have some detrimental effect on vegetative growth both quantitatively and qualitatively.

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生物農學 > 森林
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