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Synthesis and Properties of Polyurethane/Clay Nanocomposites




王宗櫚(Tzong-Liu Wang);黃芳榮(Fang-Jung Huang);黃柏豪(Po-Hao Huang);陳建文(Chien-Wen Chen)

Key Words

聚胺基甲酸酯 ; 反應型有機黏土 ; 奈米複合材料 ; 鈉-蒙脫土 ; 膨潤劑 ; 熱穩定性 ; polyurethane ; reactive organoclay ; nanocomposites ; Na(superscript)-montmorillonite ; swelling agent ; thermal stability



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35卷4期(2003 / 12 / 01)

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240 - 244

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Chinese Abstract

本研究利用聚胺基甲酸酯(polyurethane)與反應型有機黏土(organoclay)合成具有彈性的奈米複合材料,藉由無機材料在高分子中的奈米級分散,使聚胺基甲酸酯達到改質的效果。將鈉-蒙脫土(Na(上標 +)-montmorillonite)分別以12-烷基二胺(1,12-diaminododecane)、18-烷基二醯胺二肢爲膨潤劑(swelling agent)進行陽離子交換,而製備得到親油性的有機黏土。處理後的有機黏土分別以1%、3%、5%、10%的重量分率分散於聚胺基甲酸酯中,即得到聚胺基甲酸酯/黏土奈米複合材料。經由XRD (X-ray diffraction)分析顯示有機黏土層間距離已被膨潤撐開,FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy)鑑定顯示聚胺基甲酸酯/黏土奈米複合材料合成成功,TGA (thermogravimetric analyses)測定顯示聚胺基甲酸酯/黏土奈米複合材料熱穩定性較純聚胺基甲酸酯爲佳,並由機械強度及吸水性質的測定結果顯示,聚胺基甲酸酯/黏土奈米複合材料的性質獲得有效的提升,確實達到補強的效果。

English Abstract

Nanocomposites possessing elastomeric properties were synthesized from polyurethane and reactive organoclay. By a nanometer-scale dispersion of inorganic materials in polymer substrate, the properties of polyurethanes might be modified. Lipophilic organoclays were prepared by cationic exchange of Na(superscript +)-montmorillonite with 1,12-diaminododecane or octadecyl di-amide-amine as a swelling agent. The well-synthesized organoclays were dispersed in polyurethanes with the weight fraction of 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10%. The polyurethane/clay nanocomposites were then obtained. X-ray diffraction patterns show the products were intercalated by polyurethanes. FT-IR characterization indicated the polyurethane/clay nanocomposites had been successfully synthesized. TGA analysis revealed that the thermal stabilities of polyurethane/clay nanocomposites were better than the original polyurethane. Mechanical properties and water absorption tests exhibited a striking increase in the physical properties for polyurethane/clay nanocomposites, indicating a reinforcing effect had occurred.

Topic Category 工程學 > 工程學總論
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