Remarks on Matthias Schwarz's Book "Morse Homology"

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盧廣存(Guang-Cun Lu)

Key Words

Morse同調 ; 梯度方程 ; 軌道空間和粘接 ; Morse homology ; gradient equation ; trajectory space and gluing



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30卷3期(1997 / 09 / 01)

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15 - 28

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Chinese Abstract

本文指出,在Matthias Schwarz的“Morse同調”一書中存在一些基本的錯誤,例如,流方程的選取,同倫軌道空間的緊性和軌道粘接的主要結果。通過恰當的流方程選取,改正了上面的錯誤。另外給出了緊性定理的確切形式和它的一個構造性證明。

English Abstract

In the Matthias Schwarz's book ”Morse Homology” there should be some basical mistakes, for example the choice of the flow equations, the proof of the compactness of the homotopy trajectories space and the main trajectory gluing results. By the choice of the exact flow equations the above mistakes are corrected. In addition, a precise version of the compactness theorem and its elegant constructivity proof are given.

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