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Study on the Sulfuric Acid Hydrolysis of Rice Straw


黄欢喜(Huan-Xi Huang);姚茂君;姚柳

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稻草秸秆 ; 浓硫酸 ; 水解 ; Rice straw ; Concentrated sulfuric acid ; Hydrolysis



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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1899 - 1901

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Chinese Abstract

[目的]优化稻草秸秆浓硫酸水解法的条件。[方法]在单因素试验的基础上,固定稻草秸秆粒度为20~40目,以液固比(V/W)、硫酸质量分数、反应温度和反应时间4个因素进行正交试验。[结果]4个因素对稻草秸秆水解率的影响程度为:硫酸质量分数>液固比>反应温度>反应时间。稻草秸秆的最佳水解条件为:硫酸质量分数70%,液固比(V/W)12:1,反应温度70℃,反应时间为3 h。在此条件下,稻草秸秆水解率达77%以上。[结论]该研究为综合开发利用稻草秸秆奠定了基础。

English Abstract

[Objective] The research aimed to optimize the concentrated sulfuric acid hydrolysis conditions of rice straw. [Method] Based on the single factor test, the liquid-solid ratio (V/W), the mass fraction of sulfuric acid, the reaction temperature and the reaction time were selected to do the orthogonal experiment when the particle size of rice straw was during 20-40 screen mesh. [Result] The effect degree of four factors on the hydrolytic ratio was the mass fraction of sulfuric acid>liquid-solid ratio>reaction time>reaction temperature. The optimum hydrolysis condition of rice straw was: mass fraction of sulfuric acid 70%, liquid-solid ratio12:1, reaction time 3 h and reaction temperature 70℃. The hydrolytic ratio of rice straw reached above 77% in the condition. [Conclusion] The research provided the basis for the comprehensive exploitation and utilization of rice straw.

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