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Effects of Exogenous Spermdine on Growth of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Seedlings under NaCl Stress


李翠香(Cui-Xiang Li);刘利芬;伊艳杰;翟会书

Key Words

小麦 ; NaCl胁迫 ; 亚精胺 ; Wheat ; NaCl stress ; Spermidine



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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1978 - 1979+1999

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[Objective] The research aimed to study whether spermidine (Spd) could relieve salt stress on wheat seedling. [Method] The seedlings growth and some physiological indices were determined under exogenous spermidine and NaCl stress by means of filter paper culturing methed. [Result] NaCl stress restrained the growth of seedlings, enhanced SOD and POD activity, increased MDA content, and decreased the amount of soluble proteins. Spermidine apparently promoted the growth of wheat seedlings and raised SOD and POD activities and soluble protein content, but decreased the content of MDA in seedlings compared with the control. [Conclusion] The spermidine could relieve the impairment of NaCl stress in wheat seedlings, thus enhance its tolerance to NaCl. However, the relief effect of spermidine decreased as the treatment lime prolonged.

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