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Variation of East Asian Summer Monsoon and Its Relationship with Precipitation over China in Recent 111 Years


杨浩(Hao Yang);智协飞;高洁

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东亚夏季风 ; 变异 ; 中国降水 ; East Asian summer monsoon ; Variation ; Precipitation over China



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2007 - 2011

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Based on the monthly average SLP data in the Northern Hemisphere from 1899 to 2009, the intensity index of the East Asian summer monsoon (EASM) was calculated, and its interannual variation and interdecadal variation have been investigated. The results showed that the EASM was most intense during 1920s, while it became weak in middle 1980s and in early 21(superscript st) century, the intensity achieved the weakest. Morlet wavelet analysis showed that there were quasi decennial and quasi biennial periods in interannual variation and interdecadal variation of EASM. In addition, the interannual variation of precipitation over East China was closely related to intensity variation of East Asian summer monsoon. It was found that the precipitation over the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River was fewer (abundant) than that of normal year, while the precipitation over North China was more abundant (meager) than normal year during strong (weak) EASM years. The decrease of East Asian summer monsoon intensity was one of important reasons of the meager precipitation over North China and the abundant precipitation over the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River after middle 1980s.

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