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Analysis on Climatic Characteristics of Drought and Seasonal Water Shortages in 2010 in Southwest Guizhou


蒋斌(Bin Jiang);赵玉金;岑启林;李克勤;汪发鉴

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黔西南 ; 季节性缺水 ; 气候特征 ; Southwest Guizhou ; Seasonal water shortage ; Climatic characteristics



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2045 - 2047+2066

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The meteorological data in recent 50 years in Southwest Guizhou were used to analyze the temporal-spatial distribution characteristics of precipitation. The results indicated that the precipitation (rainy season) during May-October accounted for 82%-85% of annual precipitation, however, the precipitation from November of last year to April of the next year (dry season) only accounted for 15%-18%, there was rainless dry periods for 6 months, namely seasonal water shortages; the precipitation of dry season showed decreasing trend and drought showed increasing trend. Finally, the present situation of engineering shortages was analyzed and some suggestions and countermeasures were put forward.

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