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Atmospheric Correction of CBERS-02B CCD Image Based on FLAASH


韩念龙(Nian-Long Han);刘闯;许旭

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CBERS-02B ; FLAASH ; 大气校正 ; CBERS-02B ; FLAASH ; Atmospheric correction



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2051 - 2053+2071

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As an independent satellite data source of China, CBERS-02B CCD data play an important role in remote sensing application. However, CCD data obtained by visible-near infrared band is easily interfered by atmosphere, thus it is necessary to find a suitable and effective way to correct the atmospheric interference. In this paper, FLAASH algorithms and principles is described at first and then it is used for CDD data atmospheric correction study of CBERS-02B star. The visual effect, typical objects spectral and NDVI were compared between original image and correction image. The result showed that the FLAASH can correct the atmospheric in CCD image effectively, especially in vegetation district. It proved that FLAASH can provide a fast feasible and effective way for atmospheric correction with large amounts of CCD data of CBERS serial satellites.

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