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Determination of Ursolic Acid in Liuwei Dihuang Pills by HPLC


卢翠文(Cui-Wen Lu)

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六味地黄丸浓缩丸 ; 熊果酸 ; 含量测定 ; 高效液相色谱法 ; Liuwei dihuang pills concentration pills ; Ursolic acid ; Determination of content ; HPLC method



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2070 - 2071

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Chinese Abstract

[目的]用高效液相色谱(HPLC)法测定六味地黄丸(浓缩丸)的熊果酸含量,提高熊果酸的质量控制标准。[方法]色谱柱:Welch Materials AQ-C18柱(5μm, 4.6 mm×250.0 mm);流动相:乙腈-水-磷酸(V:V:V=90:10:0.1);柱温:25℃;流速:1.0 ml/min;检测波长为210 nm。[结果]在0.4576~1.5423μg/ml的线性范围内,熊果酸与峰面积呈良好的线性关系,平均回收率为99.31%,RSD值为1.09%(n=6)。[结论]高效液相色谱法灵敏、简单、快速、准确,适用于六味地黄丸(浓缩丸)熊果酸含量的测定。

English Abstract

[Objective] To determine the content of ursolic acid in liuwei dihuang pills by HPLC, so as to promote the quality control standard of ursoli acid. [Method] HPLC conditions were as follows: column of Welch Materials AQ-C18 column (5 μm, 4.6 mm×250.0 mm); mobile phase of acetonitrile-water-phosphoric acid (V:V:V=90:10:0.1); column temperature of 25℃; flow rate of 1.0 ml/min and detection wavelength of 210 nm. [Result] The relationship between ursolic acid and peak area was good in the range of 0.4576~1.5423 μg/ml, and the mean recovery of ursolic acid was 99.31% with 1.09% in RSD value (n=6). [Conclusion] Simple in operation, accurate in result, HPLC method is favorable for the determination of ursolic acid in liuwei dihuang pills.

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