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Research on the Extraction Process of Total Flavonoids from Chinese Starjasmine Stem by Ultrasonic Wave Cooperated Method


赵晨晨(Chen-Chen Zhao);王立冬;承伟;程晓荣;薛志彬

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超声波 ; 正交试验 ; 络石藤 ; 总黄酮 ; 提取 ; Ultrasonic wave ; Orthogonal experiment ; Chinese Starjasmine Stem ; Total flavonoids ; Extraction



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2080 - 2081

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Chinese Abstract

[目的]优化超声波辅助提取络石藤中总黄酮的工艺。[方法]以总黄酮含量为考察指标,采用正交试验设计研究超声波辅助提取络石藤总黄酮的最佳工艺条件。[结果]最佳提取工艺为乙醇浓度60%、反应温度70℃、超声时间30 min、料液比1:15;在此条件下,总黄酮的提取率为3.22%。[结论]优化后的工艺简便可行,可为络石藤总黄酮提取纯化工艺的产业化提供理论依据。

English Abstract

[Objective] To optimize the extract technology of total flavonoids from Chinese Starjasmine Stem by ultrasonic wave cooperated method. [Methods] The orthogonal test were carried out to study the extraction conditions of total flavonoids by ultrasonic wave cooperated method through measuring the content of the total flavonoids from Chinese Starjasmine Stem. [Result] The best extraction conditions were showed as follows: the ethanol concentration was 60%, the extracting temperature was 70℃; the extracting time was 30 min; the solid-liquid ratio was 1:15. Under the above conditions, the extracting ratio of total flavonoids was 3.22%. [Conclusion] The optimized extraction technology is simple and feasible and it can serve as rationale for the industrialization of the extraction and purification technology of total flavonoids from Chinese Starjasmine Stem.

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