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Evaluation on the Functional Value of Wetlands Ecosystem Services in Sichuan Province


袁艺(Yi Yuan)

Key Words

湿地 ; 生态系统服务功能 ; 价值评估 ; Wetlands ; Ecosystem service function ; Value assessment



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2177 - 2179+2198

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Based on the survey data by Forestry Department of Sichuan Province and China's Wetlands Encyclopedia, wetlands in Sichuan Province was classified into river, lake, marsh and marsh meadow, paddy field, pond and reservoir wetlands. Based on quantitative monetization methods, the functional value of wetlands ecosystem services in Sichuan Province was estimated to provide ecological economic theory basis for wetland protection and planning. The results indicated that the total functional value of wetland ecological service in Sichuan Province reached 748.303 billion Yuan per year, equivalent to 52.88% of GDP in Sichuan Province of 2009. Among every functional value of wetland ecological service, the functional value of carbon fixation and oxygen release was greatest, namely, 342.2 billion Yuan and accounting for 45.73% of the total. The second were water regulatory function and material production service function. It indicated that wetlands had significant effect to ecological environment and material production function and closely related to people's production, living and entertainment.

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