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Annual Variation in Reproductive Organ of Male Leiolepis reevesii


洪美玲(Mei-Ling Hong);傅丽容;王力军;蒋惠;许美英

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蜡皮蜥 ; 雄性 ; 生殖器官 ; 年周期变化 ; Leiolepis reevesii ; Male ; Reproductive Organ ; Annual Variation



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2260 - 2264+2276

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[Objective] To study the male reproductive cycle of Leiolepis reevesii. [Method] 56 adult males of L. reevesii were collected every month. Their reproductive organ was dissected and observed. [Result] Annual variation was reflected in structure of reproductive organ of L. reevesii. Reduced rapidly from the maximum value in late June, the weight of testicular and the diameter of seminiferous tubules reached their smallest value in August, and then increased steadily from September to next year. The same change to epididymis and deferens occurred. Spermatogenesis also changed periodically with annual variation in reproductive organ. [Conclusion] Annual variation in weight of reproductive organ could be used in judging of spermatogenesis in Lizards class.

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