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Study on the Technology of Extraction of Saponins from Plateau "Canadian" Oat


屠兰英(Lan-Ying Tu);黄梓平;李天星

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燕麦 ; 皂甙 ; 提取工艺 ; Oat ; Saponins ; Extraction



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2303 - 2304

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[Objective] The technology condition of extracting saponins from oat by the method of soxhlet extraction was studied. [Method] The saponins were extracted by ethanol-butanol as the solvent from oat and the content was determined by spectrophotometry. Orthogonal experiment was used to study the extraction technology of saponins in oat. Effects of solid-liquid ratio, ethanol concentration, extraction temperature on extraction rate of saponins were studied. [Result] The optimal extracting conditions of oat saponins were established as follows: solid-liquid ratio 1:7, ethanol concentration 80%, extraction temperature 60℃, ratio 2.024%; The influence order of extraction rate was ethanol concentration>extraction temperature>solid-liquid ratio. [Conclusion] The method carried many advantages convenient in operation, easy access, and also possessed popularization and application value.

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