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Planning of the Urban Calamity Preventable Public Greenbelt


叶顶英(Ding-Ying Ye);付兰英

Key Words

城市防灾 ; 公共绿地 ; 防灾规划设计 ; 活水公园 ; Urban calamity prevention ; Public greenbelt ; Calamity prevention planning and design ; Calamity prevention and reduction ; Calamity preventable park ; Living-water Park



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2350 - 2352

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The calamity preventable function of urban public greenbelt was put forward, then the urban calamity-prevention's necessity and importance was analyzed. With the Chengdu Living-water Park as an example, the urban calamity-prevention planning of public greenbelt was researched. Preliminary exploration on the planning of urban calamity preventable greenbelt system and emergency shelter was then made, which was to be a practical reference to the planning and construction of urban calamity-prevention public greenbelt in China.

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