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Analysis on Rural Residential Land Consolidation Potential of Increase and Decrease Pothook of Urban and Rural Construction Land Based on 3S


汪琴(Qin Wang);邹自力;张小平;侯长莉;胡鑫

Key Words

城乡建设用地 ; 增减挂钩 ; 潜力分析 ; 宜丰县 ; Urban and rural construction land ; Pothook of increase and decrease ; Potential analysis ; Yifeng County



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2377 - 2379+2412

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The potential of rural residential land consolidation of Yifeng County in Jiangxi Province was analyzed based on 3S technology. From the status quo of rural construction land in Yifeng County, the arrangement potential of rural residential land in Yifeng County was measured and calculated by using many methods, moreover, the advantages and disadvantages of different methods were analyzed to determine the potential of rural residential land consolidation in Yifeng County.

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