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The Extraction of Relief Amplitude and Its Application in the Regional Landslide Hazard Assessment


毕晓玲(Xiao-Ling Bi);李小娟;胡卓玮;王志恒;赖晗

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地形起伏度 ; 最佳统计单元 ; 滑坡灾害 ; Relief amplitude ; The best statistical unit ; Landslide disaster



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2413 - 2416+2441

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Sichuan Province is in the southwest of China, its terrain and landscape are complex and diverse, and the relief is large. Fracture zones like Wenchuan-Maojiang and Beichuan-Yingxiu are widely distributed and the tectonic is instability. On account of the reasons above, geological disasters happen frequently. Among all the disasters, the landslide hazard is very typical. The occurrence of landslides is closely related with the terrain. The verification process of the best statistical unit of the relief amplitude in Sichuan Province is discussed, according to the experiment results, 2.25 km^2 is the best unit for calculating the relief amplitude during landslide occurrence. Based on the ArcGIS platform, and combining with regional landslide hazard survey, the relationship between landslide hazard and relief amplitude is studied preliminary, and the information amount model is verified. At last, the occurrence law of regional landslide hazard and relief amplitude is discussed, which is of great guide significance in regional disaster prevention and mitigation.

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