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Ways of Civil Society Construction in Chinese Rural Areas and Its Integration


沈新坤(Xin-Kun Shen);刘加顺

Key Words

农村市民社会 ; 农村建设 ; 农民合作组织 ; Civil society in rural areas ; Rural construction ; Farmer cooperation organization



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39卷4期(2011 / 02 / 01)

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2435 - 2438

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The reform and opening up policy sets free space for inner-development of civil society in rural areas. But because of some special reasons, the inactivity and abnormal development of the endogenous development of civil society in rural areas force the rural social construction on to the exogenous development rode. While the national guidance gets into a scrape because of unhealthy interaction between institution involution and farmers' non-institution participation. This paper explains the core, nature, route and predicament of rural citizen social construction in China and puts forward the integration way for the construction of rural society in China.

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