Two-Pulse and Stimulated Echoes in Yttrium and Bismuth Based HTS C Powders


Yu. M. Tsipenyuk

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Chinese Journal of Physics

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34卷2S期(1996 / 04 / 01)

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484 - 488

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Experimental data on a two-pulse and a stimulated echoes in a superconducting YBaCuO and BiSrCaCuO powders in a static magnetic field at a frequency~20 MHz' are presented. The field, filling helium gas pressure and temperature dependence of the echo intensity and relaxation time were measured. A stimulated echo has been even detected some hours after the removal of exciting pulses (the memory effect). The echoes are practically disappeared at temperatures 50 K for yttrium powder and at 30 K in the case of Bi-powder. Experimental results are in a qualitative agreement with a supposition that the phase coherence arises due to the movement of lattice imperfections by vortex lines.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理