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Observation and Comparison of Scanning Electron Microscope of Fine Structure for Five Domestic Young Plantation Forest Woods




謝仁壽(Jan-Shou Hsieh);林曉洪(Sheau-Horng Lin);王秀華(Hsiu-Hwa Wang)

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微細構造 ; 掃描式電顯 ; 幼齡造林木 ; Fine structure ; Scanning Electron Microscope ; Young plantation forest wood



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42卷1期(2009 / 03 / 01)

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151 - 166

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Chinese Abstract

本研究之目的旨在利用掃描式電子顯微鏡(SEM)針對5樹種8株國產造林木進行細胞組織之微細構造觀察。生長速度以赤桉最迅速,台灣櫸最緩慢。生育地對於造林木之生長量及細胞之尺寸大小具有影響,但對於細胞之組織結構並無顯著差異。導管之弦向直徑以大葉桃花心木及台灣櫸者最大,赤桉最小。5 樹種之管孔多呈單一分布,偶具有徑向2-3複合排列;台灣櫸及樟樹可見大、小管孔複合之集團管孔。各造林木之縱向薄壁細胞多呈圍管或環管著生,相思樹、台灣櫸及樟樹呈翼狀或短翼狀排列。相思樹及赤桉之木質線均為同型木質線組成,大葉桃花心木、台灣櫸及樟樹則同時具有同型及異型木質線,且異型木質線較為常見。樟樹之木質線上下兩端細胞可見膨大之油細胞,而產自獅子鄉之台灣櫸造林木,其木質線薄壁細胞中常可見稜柱狀結晶,但其成分仍需進一步確定。各樣木之纖維細胞均包含木纖維,除大葉桃花心木及赤桉外,其他造林木亦具有纖維管胞,而大葉桃花心木尚具有隔膜木纖維。

English Abstract

The fine structure of various cell types of 8 individuals from 5 species grown in Taiwan was studied by SEM. These trees were planted for the National Reforestation Campaign and all of them were juvenile woods. Eucalyptus camalculensis had the largest growth rate, and Zelkova serrata was the smallest. Different plantation influenced the variations of cell measurements, but not on the cell structure and component. The vessel size of Swietenia macrophylla and Zelkova serrata were the largest, and the Eucalyptus camcldulensis was the smallest, and pore clusters could be seen in the Cinnamomum camphora and Zelkova serrata. The parenchyma cells of these 5 species were paratracheal or vasicentric. Both homocellular and heterocellular rays could be seen in Cinnamomum camphora, Zelkova serrata and Swietenia macrophylla, and most of them were homocellular, rarely heterocellular. Acacia confusa and Eucalyptus camcldulensis only had homocelllular rays. The marginal cells of rays in Cinnamomum camphora were often differentiate to oil cell. There were some prismatic crystals found in the ray parenchyma of Zelkova serrata, but the constituents need to be further investigated. The fiber cells of these 5 species did not have much variation, expect Swietenia macrophylla had septate wood fiber cells.

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