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Study on the Fertility Expression of Photo-thermo-sensitive Genic Male Sterile Rice Pei'ai 64S at Low Temperature


廖伏明(Fu-Ming Liao);袁隆平(Long-Ping Yuan)

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水稻 ; 光溫敏核不育系 ; 培矮64S ; 低溫 ; 育性表達 ; Rice ; Photo-thermo-sensitive genic male strile line ; Pei'ai 64S ; Low temperature ; Fertility expression



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33卷1期(2000 / 02 / 01)

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1 - 9

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The fertility expression of Pei'ai 64S, a principal photo-thermo-sensitive genic male sterile line in two-line hybrid rice, was studied at 22.0~23.0℃ low temperatures for two years in phytotron. The results showed that: a) The low temperature of 23.0℃ (daily mean temperature) could only induce an apparent decrease of pollen sterility, while the low temperatures of 22.5℃ and 22.0℃ could not only decrease remarkably pollen sterility but also induce some extent of selfed fertility; b) The ending stage of thermo-sensitivity in fertility expression of Pei'ai 64S was the PMC meiotic division stage, and the most sensitive stage of temperature on fertility expression was the stamen and pistil formation to PMC formation stage; c) Pei'ai 64S showed photoperiod-sensitivity in fertility expression with its critical photoperiod between 13.50~13.38h and photoperiodsensitive temperature ranging 23~28℃; d) Even though Pei'ai 64S is highly stable in agronomic characters for its very high generation, the genetic basis of its fertility expression has not been fully purified, which was indicated by the significant difference in fertility expression occuring among different lines from the plants of the same previous line and among different plants of the same line, which was greater at lower temperatures.

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