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QTL Mapping for Developmental Behavior of Panicle Dry Weight in Rice


何慈信(Ci-Xin He);朱軍(Jun Zhu);嚴菊強(Ju-Qiang Yan);Mebrouk Benmoussa;吳平(Ping Wu)

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條件QTL分析 ; 發育數量遺傳 ; 水稻 ; 穗部幹物質重 ; Conditional QTL analysis ; Developmental quantitative genetics ; Rice ; Panicle dry weight



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33卷1期(2000 / 02 / 01)

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24 - 32

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A population of 123 double haploid (DH) lines, derived from a cross between an indica variety 1R64 and japonica variety Azucena was used in this study. The panicle dry weight at different stages was measured at 10-day intervals. Based on the rice genetic linkage map of 175 molecular markers, including RFLP, enzyme markers and RAPD, QTLs for the developmental behavior of panicle dry weight were determined dynamically using composite interval mapping method in combination with the conditional analysis method. The number of unconditional QTLs for panicle dry weight detected for time-dependent measure was 14. However, only 3 QTLs were detected at the final stage. Conditional QTL analysis of rice panicle dry matter accumulation could provide an insight into both spatial and temporal patterns of gene expression. By comparing the sum of QTL additive effects for parents with that for extreme ideal individuals, we found that the alleles of positive or negative gene effects were dispersed in various individuals. The result also indicates that two sets of genes might be involved in the process of panicle dry matter accumulation. The development of the husk of rice kernel, lemma and palea is determined by one set of genes, while that of the rice kernel content is controlled by the other set of genes.

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