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Relationship between Leaf Emergence on Main Stem and Spike Differentiation Stages in Wheat


李存東(Cun-Dong Li);曹衛星(Wei-Xing Cao);羅衛紅(Wei-Dong Luo);劉鐵梅(Tie-Mei Liu)

Key Words

小麥 ; 葉齡 ; 葉齡餘數 ; 葉齡指數 ; 穗分化 ; Wheat ; Leaf number ; Remaining leaf primordium number ; Leaf number index ; Spike differentiation



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33卷1期(2000 / 02 / 01)

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33 - 38

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The study included two types of varieties: winter type variety (WV) ”Jing 411” and spring type variety ”Yangmai 158” and three sowing dates: Sept. 30(EP), Oct. 30(MP), Mar. 2(LP). It was found that leaf numbers on main stem at all spike differentiation stages (SDS) varied with variety and sowing date. Remaining leaf primordium numbers within variety were very similar at major SDS of MP. Differences of leaf number index at all SDS varied with variety, but were very low between different sowing dates. The results elucidated the fundamental relationships between emerged leaf number, remaining leaf primordium number, leaf number index and spike differentiation progress and supported cultural regulation and growth modeling in wheat.

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