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Effects of pH Values on the Activity of Roots and Chemical Compositions of the Cured Leaves in Flue-cured Tobacco


郭培國(Pei-Guo Guo);陳建軍(Jian-Jun Chen);李榮華(Rong-Hua Li)

Key Words

pH值 ; 烤煙 ; 根系活力 ; 化學成分 ; pH value ; Flue-cured tobacco ; The activity of roots ; Chemical composition



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33卷1期(2000 / 02 / 01)

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39 - 45

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A pot cultural experiment was conducted by sand culture. The effects of pH values on the activities of roots and the chemical compositions of the cured leaves in flue- cured tobacco were analyzed. The results showed that the total absorption area of roots (TAAR) increased gradually with the increase of pH value at every growing period. Also, the active absorption area of roots (AAAR) and the percentage of active absorption area of roots (PAAR) ascended with the increase of pH value at rapid growing period and maturing period. The ATP content at about pH7.0 was the highest. There was an obvious influence of pH values on the respiratory rate of roots at different growth periods. The activity of roots was lower, and the contents of total nitrogen, reducing sugar and protein in the cured leaves were higher than the normality at pH 8.5 treatment. At the range of pH values from 5.5 to 8.0, with the increase of pH value, the contents of potassium, calcium, magnesium as well as total ash in the cured leaves had a tendency to increase, but the contents of total nitrogen, protein, copper, zinc, manganese, chlorine in the cured leaves declined gradually. The nicotine contents were higher at pH 6.0~7.0 and the contents of the reducing sugar were rational at pH6.5~7.5 in the cured leaves.

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