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The Study of Insect-resistant Transgenic Cotton Habouring Double-gene and Its Insect-resistance


李付廣(Fu-Guang Li);崔金傑(Jin-Jie Cui);劉傳亮(Chuan-Liang Liu);武芝霞(Zhi-Xia Wu);李鳳蓮(Feng-Lian Li);周勇(Yong Zhou);李秀蘭(Xiu-Lan Li);郭三堆(San-Dui Guo);崔洪志(Hong-Zhi Cui)

Key Words

雙價抗蟲基因 ; 陸地棉 ; 遺傳轉化 ; 棉鈴蟲 ; 抗蟲鑒定 ; Insecticidal double-gene ; Upland cotton ; Genetic transformation ; Boll-worm ; Insect-resistance identification



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33卷1期(2000 / 02 / 01)

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46 - 52

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Chinese Abstract

採用花粉管通道法,將人工合成的GFM CryIA和修飾的CpT I殺蟲基因導入棉花優良品種(系)中。經生物鑒定,獲得了抗蟲植株。PCR分析表明,Bt和CpT I基因均呈陽性反應。通過對轉基因材料抗蟲性研究。發現R1代植株中,不同轉化體對棉鈴蟲的抗性存在著差異;雙價抗蟲材料ZGK9708 R3代群體抗蟲性較爲穩定。

English Abstract

By transformation method of the pollen tube pathway, the synthesized GFM CryIA gene and modified CpT I gene were transformed into the elite cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) varieties (lines). After the field and lab identifications, the insect-resistant transgenic plants were obtained. PCR detection results indicated the existence of the synthesized GFM CryIA gene and modified CpT I gene respectively. In R1 the bollworm resistances of each transformant appeared different, and the insect-resistances of ZGK9708 R3 generations performed stable.

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