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Soil Bioindicators in Sustainable Agriculture


任天志(Tian-Zhi Ren);Stefano Grego

Key Words

土壤 ; 生物指標 ; 持續性 ; Soil ; Bioindicator ; Sustainability



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33卷1期(2000 / 02 / 01)

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68 - 75

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Soil is a resource critical to the maintenance of any terrestrial ecosystem that we need to manage effectively. Thus soil quality or health, which consists of the chemical, physical and biological components of a soil and their interactions, is an issue that needs to be included in discussion of sustainability. The major emphasis has been on the use of soil chemical and physical attributes as indicators of sustainability. Investigations on biological parameters are increasing. Soil bioindicators are showing great potential to become the early warning and sensitive indicators of the stresses or perturbations in soils of agricultural ecosystems.

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