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Regulatory Effects of TDP Acupoint Radiation on Hemorheological Characteristics of Dairy Cows before and After Parturition


王清蘭(Qing-Lan Wang);郭克峻(Ke-Jin Guo);焦淑賢(Shu-Xian Jiao);張洪友(Hong-You Zhang);聶家津(Jia-Jin Nie);陳德民(De-Min Chen);田青春(Qing-Chun Tian)

Key Words

TDP ; 穴位 ; 血液流變學 ; 奶牛 ; TDP ; Acupoints ; Hemorheology ; Dairy cows



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33卷1期(2000 / 02 / 01)

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87 - 93

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The experiments were carried out with 20 healthy pregnant dairy cows during perinatal period, 10 of which were choson randomly as control, and another 10 as TDP radiated group (TRG). The cows in TRO were radiated in turns at Baihui and Houhai acuarea for 50mm at one time daily with TDP instrument, from 10 to 3 d before parturition, and from 1 to 3 d after delivery. Blood samples of 20 cows were collected on 20, 15, 10, 5, 3, ld, and 1~4h before delivery and 1~4h, 1, 3, 15d after parturition. Main hemorheology indexes (ηb80s^(-1), ηb20s^(-1), ηp , PCV, ηr, RI, AT) and the concentration of Glu, TP,FG of plasma were measured. In comparison with the control group ,the results showed that TDP acu-area radiation had some regulatory effects on theηb80s^(-1), η20s^(-1) and ηp of dairy cows some time before or after parturition, regulated and improved blood glucose contents ,blood flux and deformation during parturition ,decreased the loss of blood ,which improved dairy cows adaptability to parturition stress. The mechanisms may involve the responses of meridian and acupoints to infrared energy of TDP radiation, the regulatory effects of TDP radiation and the biological energy effects resulted in body.

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