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Study on Ovulation Inducing Mechanism in Bactrian Camel Ⅱ Target Organ of Ovulation Inducing Factor (OIF) and Its Metabolic Dynamics in Bactrian Camel


潘光武(Guang-Wu Pan);謝慶閣(Qing-Ge Xie);才學鵬(Xue-Peng Cai);汪靜(Jing Wang);鄧敬蘭(Jing-Lan Deng);劉湘濤(Xiang-Tao Liu);潘元青(Yuan-Qing Pan);陳北亨(Bei-Heng Chen)

Key Words

雙峰駝 ; 誘導排卵因子 ; 靶器官 ; Bactrian camel ; Ovulation inducing factor ; Target organ



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36卷1期(2003 / 01 / 10)

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105 - 110

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Chinese Abstract

應用同位素示蹤技術,將公駝精清內的誘導排卵活性蛋白(OIP)經(上標 125)I標記後輸入母駝陰道。示蹤結果證明,OIP經陰道前端主動吸收,很快進入血液循環,其代謝動力學屬於一級吸收二室開放模型,吸收速度常(ka)為0.067omin^(-1),吸收半衰期10.24min,於23min達峰濃度(Cmax)5.15μgoml^(-1),清除半衰期(t^1/2k)較長為72.6h;從DEAE-DE52柱上洗脫的活性蛋白吸收後,不經過脊髓和卵巢反饋通路,而是經血液循環直達腦髏內的靶器官垂體,從而引起母駝釋放促黃體素(LH),至峰值出現,誘導母駝排卵。

English Abstract

The main site for active absorption of OIF is situated in the anterior vagina after insemination of ovulation inducing bioactive protein (OIP) from seminal plasma in male camel which was iodinated with (superscript 125)I of isotope. OIP is assimilated quickly into the blood circulation and its metabolic dynamic pattern belongs to the first order absorption and 2 compartment open model, absorbent rate constant (ka) was 0. 067 min^(-1), absorbent period of the half life (t^1/2 k) was 10.24 min, calculated peak concentration 5.15μg•ml^(-1) appeared at 23 min after administration of OIP, Elimination of the half life period (T^1/2 k) needs a long time of 72.6 h. OIP eluted on DEAE-DE52 column is directly reached to target gland pituitary in the crania via the blood circulation after insemination and absorption instead of regulation by the cerebro-spinal fluid system or ovaries feedback mechanism, Thus resulting in a preovulation peak of LH in female camel.

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