Comparison of the Prevalence and Characteristics of Food Hypersensitivity among Adolescent and Older Women




Anri Fujimori;Tomomi Yamashita;Masaru Kubota;Hiromi Saito;Nobue Takamatsu;Mitsuhiko Nambu

Key Words

food hypersensitivity ; questionnaire ; prevalence ; adolescent women ; older women


Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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預刊文章(2013 / 03 / 11)

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00290 - 00297

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Objective: Although food hypersensitivity is a public health concern, its documentation among investigation among the elderly is limited. The current study aims to compare the prevalence and characteristics of food hypersensitivity among adolescent women between aged 18-24 with among older women >50 years of age. Methods: 660 female university students between the ages of 18 and 24 who volunteered were enrolled as adolescent subjects. 470 women >50 years old who visited the Health Care Centre of Kyoto Katsura Hospital for health check-ups were enrolled as the older subjects. A questionnaire created by ourselves asking the presence of food hypersensitivity, symptoms, causative food, personal or family history of other allergic disorders was distributed. Results: The prevalence of food hypersensitivity was statistically similar between adolescent (8.2%) and older women (8.9%). Among them, only 24.1% of the adolescent women and 26.2% of the older women had been diagnosed by physicians as having food allergy. The main causative foods (fruits, shellfish and fish) and the manifestations relating to food hypersensitivity were almost identical between adolescent and older women. In both adolescent and older women, food hypersensitivity positive group showed significantly higher prevalence of personal or family history of allergic disorders than that in food hypersensitivity negative group. Conclusions: These data indicate that food hypersensitivity in older women should be given more attention because the prevalence of this condition was as common as that in adolescent women.

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