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High Efficiency and Low Threshold Upconversion from IR to Red for Er(superscript 3+) and Tm(superscript 3+) Co-doped Fluoride-oxide Glass-ceramic


秦冠仕(Guan-Shi Qin);秦偉平(Wei-Ping Qin);陳寶玖(Bao-Jiu Chen);鄂書林(Shu-Lin E);葛中久(Zhong-Jiu Ge);任新光(Xin-Guang Ren);黃世華(Shi-Hua Huang)

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Er(上標 3+) ; 氟氧化物玻璃陶瓷 ; 上轉換 ; 能量傳遞 ; Er(superscript 3+) ; Fluoride-oxide glass-ceramic ; Upconversion ; Energy transfer



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22卷5期(2002 / 10 / 01)

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705 - 708

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Chinese Abstract

本文報道了一種Er(上標 3+)和Tm(上標 3+)共摻雜新的氟氧化物玻璃陶瓷材料中高效低閾值的紅色上轉換發光現象。材料組份爲65GeO2-25NaF-8.5BaF-0.5Tm2O3-1Er2O3(mol%),文中給出了樣品的製備方法。在978 nm LD激發下,觀察到了非常強的紅色上轉換發光。據我們所知,在如此低的Er(上標 3+)和Tm(上標 3+)摻雜深度下實現了如此之強的紅色上轉換發光,文獻中未見報道;更令人驚奇的是在200mA工作電流(此時功率爲3.5mW)LD激發下,激發的功率密度爲170Mw•cm^(-2),其紅色光仍裸眼可見。討論了這種高效低閾值上轉換發光的機理。研究了LD的工作電流與上轉換發光強度的關係。

English Abstract

In this paper, high efficiency and low threshold upconversion from IR to red is reported, for Er(superscript 3+) and Tm(superscript 3+) co-doped fluoride-oxide glass-ceramic under 978 nm LD excitation. The component of sample in experiment is 65GeO2-25NaF-8.5BaF2-1Er2O3-0.5Tm2O3, and the prepared method is obtained. The upconverson emission spectra under 978 nm LD excitation is measured at room temperature. Analyzing it, we find that introduction of Tm(superscript 3+) into Er(superscript 3+) doped system preferentially quenches the green upconversion fluorescence from 4S(subscript 3/2) level of Er(superscript 3+) duo to the efficient cross-relaxation of 4I(subscript 13/2)→4I(subscript 15/2) (Er):3H6→3H4 (Tm) which can significantly reduce the upconversion efficiency from 4I(subscript 13/2) level to the emitting 4S(subscript 3/2) level, and the Tm(superscript 3+) behaves as a good sensitizer of the red upconversion from the 4F(subscript 9/2) level of Er(superscript 3+) which is mainly populated by the cross-relaxation of 3H4→3H6 (Tm): 4I(subscript 11/2)→4F(subscript 9/2) (Er). However, at law Er(superscript 3+) concentration (2 mol%), it is impossible for strong red upconversion. X-ray analysis is done, there are lots of nanocrystallites in MFG glass-ceramic. So we think, this red upconversion is attributed to Er(superscript 3+) enriched fluoride microcrystallites, which makes the cross-relaxation of 3H4→3H6 (Tm): 4I(subscript 11/2)→4F(subscript 9/2) (Er) more effective, therefore their active optical properties may be optimised. In the end, the relationship between LD working current and intensity of upconversion luminescence is discussed, the results confirm that both red and green upconversion processes are consisted by two photons.

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