x CaSiO3•LiBO2固溶體中矽氧四面體微結構形態的拉曼光譜研究

Translated Titles

Raman Spectroscopic Study of Silicon-oxygen Tetrahedrons Microstructure in x CaSiO3•LiBO2 Solid Solutions


尤靜林(Jing-Lin You);蔣國昌(Guo-Chang Jiang);文啓(Qi Wen);徐匡迪(Kuang-Di Xu)

Key Words

矽酸鹽 ; 偏轉酸鋰 ; 拉曼光譜 ; Silicates ; LiBO2 ; Raman spectroscopy



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

22卷5期(2002 / 10 / 01)

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787 - 789

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Chinese Abstract

本文測定了xCaSiO3•LiBO2(重要比,x=0,0.25,0.33,0.50)系列的拉曼光譜,分析了矽氧四面體的微結構形態及其隨SiO2濃度的變化。結果表明,在所研究的濃度範圍內,其微結構單元,即Q(下標 i)(i=0~4)均以孤立的矽氧四面體存在,且隨SiO2濃度的增加,Q2,Q4的豐度有明顯增加;此外,矽氧四面體的伸縮振動譜峰的積分強度總和與SiO2濃度呈線性相關,爲採用拉曼光譜直接分析礦物、爐渣、玻璃和土壤中的SiO2提供了可能。

English Abstract

Raman spectra of xCaSiO3•LiBO2 (by weight ratio, x=0,0.25, 0.33, 0.50) crystals were measured. The microstructure of different silicon-oxygen tetrahedrons and their abundant variations with silica contents were studied. It shows that all the silicon-oxygen tetrahedrons are isolated by Si-O(subscript b)-B bondings or free SiO4(superscript 4-). No evidence suggests that there exist consiclerable Si-O(subscript b)-Si bondings. The abundance of Q2, Q4 species increases with the increasing silica content, there exist barely Q3 species even at high silica content. And the sum of integrated Raman peaks for all Q(subscript i) species are linearly correlated with silica concentration in crystal, which offers the possibility to analysis silica in minerals, slags, glsses and soil samples directly.

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