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Analysis of PAHs by Shpol'skii Fluorescence Spectra in Low Temperature


於立軍(Li-Jun Yu);李耀群(Yao-Qun Li);眭蔚(Wei Sui)

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Shpol'skii效應 ; 低溫 ; 多環芳烴 ; 同步熒光 ; Shpol'skii effect ; Low temperature ; PAHs ; Synchronous fluorescence



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22卷5期(2002 / 10 / 01)

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819 - 821

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Chinese Abstract

本文利用一套光纖傳導低溫裝置和熒光分光光度計偶聯,探討了影響Shpol' skii低溫熒光光譜的因素,考察了各種實驗參數對多環芳烴(PAHs) Shpol' skii光譜的影響,獲得了多種PAHs的凖線性光譜,並配合同步熒光技術舉例說明瞭Shpol' skii低溫熒光技術的高效鑒別能力。結果表明,Shpol' skii低溫熒光技術有望成爲分析PAHs的常用分析工具。

English Abstract

The factors affecting Shpol'skii fluorescence spectra have been investigated on a spectrofluorimeter coupled with a cryospectral system connected by optical fibres, and quasi-linear spectra were obtained. In combination with the synchronous fluorescence technique, the capability of spectral resolution in Shopl'skii spectra is illustrated. The result indicates that Shpol'skii fluorescence spectra may become a routine analytical tool for PAHs.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
基礎與應用科學 > 化學