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Determination of Trace Sulfur and Mercury in the Chinese Traditional Medicine


石傑(Jie Shi);李建軍(Jian-Jun Li);屈淩波(Ling-Bo Qu)

Key Words

冷原子熒光 ; 硫 ; 汞 ; 奧傑試劑 ; 使君子 ; 黃芪 ; Cold atomic fluorescence ; Mercury ; Sulfur ; Auger reagent ; Traditional Chinese medicine



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22卷5期(2002 / 10 / 01)

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871 - 872

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Chinese Abstract

用奧傑試劑還原中草藥中的硫化物為S(上標 2-),用冷原子熒光法間接測定其含量,並在測硫的同時測定了汞,其線性回歸係數達到0.999986。該方法簡便易行,所需試劑及干擾因素較少,靈敏度較高。

English Abstract

This paper reports that the sulfur compounds of traditional Chinese medicine were reduced to S(superscript 2-) by Auger reagent, and determined by cold atomic fluorescence. At the same time the trace mercury was determined. The conditions the for quantitative determination of Hg(superscript 2+) and S(superscript 2-) were obtained. The linear range of determination is 11.20-55.60 mg•mL^(-1), the correlation coefficient is 0.99978. In this method, little reagent is needed, the treatment of the sample is simple, the process of determination is convenient, and the sensitivity is high.

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