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Study on the Method for Testing of the Diesel Working Time Based on Multi-Characteristics


刘建敏(Jian-Min Liu);乔新勇(Xin-Yong Qiao);安钢(Gang An)

Key Words

柴油机 ; 使用时间 ; 无损检测 ; 神经网络 ; Diesel ; Working time ; Nondestructive testing ; Neural network



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22卷4期(2004 / 07 / 25)

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379 - 383

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The working time of diesel engine can reflect its technical state on certain degree. Based on the current repairing system, the working times decides the diesel engine whether it should be repaired or not. This paper tested the diesels engine for different working time, and measured the characteristic parameters that reflect the technical states of the diesel on-board. Based on this, paper used a neural network model to measure the working time of the diesel engine. The result showed that this method could realize the nondestructive detecting of the working time diesel of diesel engine.

Topic Category 工程學 > 機械工程