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Numerical Simulation and Experimental Analysis on Steel Semi-Rigid Joints


陈宏(Hong Chen);施龙杰(Long-Jie Shi);王元清(Yuan-Qing Wang);石永久(Yong-Jiu Shi)

Key Words

半刚性节点 ; 数值模拟 ; 试验分析 ; semi-rigid joint ; numerical simulation ; experimental analysis



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34卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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102 - 106

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The high strength bolt endplate joints have been used in popularity in multi-stony frames because they have the advantages of requiring shorter assembly times and better seismic performance than welded joints. However, the structural behavior and design of such connections, as send-rigid, are relatively complex especially when detailed guides are not provided in current codes. The structural properties, both strength and stiffness, of two types bolt endplate joints were investigated by numerical simulation and experimental research in this paper. The moment-rotation curves were also described and agree well with the test results. Some conclusion drawn may be significantly useful for the design and application of such connections.

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