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Experimental Investigation of High-Performance Three-Phase Foam for Mine Fire Control


秦波涛(Bo-Tao Qin);王德明(De-Ming Wang);陈建华(Jian-Hua Chen);梁晓瑜(Xiao-Yu Liang)

Key Words

防灭火 ; 三相泡沫 ; 发泡剂 ; 泡沫性能 ; 复配 ; mine fire control ; three-phase foam ; foaming agent ; foam properties ; complex



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34卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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11 - 15

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Three-phase foam was proposed to prevent the spontaneous combustion of coal. It is composed of fly ash or mud, nitrogen and water arid formed by physical mixture. It makes use of the all-around capability of solid, liquid and gas states to prevent mine fire. In other words, the fly ash or mud can cover the combustible, the nitrogen can asphyxiate it and the water can cool it. The optimal complex foaming agent and its match were found according to the experiments about the foam properties of the four selected foaming agents and their complex. Synchronously, interrelated experiments on the three-phase foam which was influenced by the mass fraction of foaming agent, soluble glass and slurry were done. The results show that the properties of the three-phase foam are the best when the mass fraction of foaming agent, soluble glass and slurry are 0.2%, 2% and 20% (fly ash and water is 1:4) respectively. And the high-quality three-phase foam was formed through the established lab system.

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