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Investigation on Predicting Roof Water Gush in Coal Mines Based on Multi-Factor Analysis


张海荣(Hai-Rong Zhang);周荣福(Rong-Fu Zhou);郭达志(Da-Zhi Guo);杜培军(Pei-Jun Du)

Key Words

水害预测 ; 多元信息复合 ; GIS ; 分维 ; water hazard prediction ; multi-factor overlay analysis ; GIS ; fractal dimension



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34卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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112 - 116

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Chinese Abstract


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In case that few information about hydrogeologic condition of coal roof is available and and the regularity of roof water gush is not obvious in coal mine, the key factors affecting roof water gush are analyzed. The influential factors involving faults and folds are quantified by using fractal theory and are used in multi-factor analysis as well. In the ArcGIS, the fractal dimension value of folds and faults, and the thickness of sandstone in the breaking zone of roof are firstly interpolated into raster respectively, and then the multi-factor analysis of GIS is used to imitate practical water gush area; lastly, a function used to express spatial variety of fissured water is proposed to indirectly predict roof water hazards of unknown area, which gives a new method of predicting roof water hazards. The result shows that this new method is more effective than traditional qualitative methods.

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