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Study on Mining System and Stability of Coal Pillar in Short-Wall Mechanized Mining


刘克功(Ke-Gong Liu);王家臣(Jia-Chen Wang);徐金海(Jin-Hai Xu)

Key Words

短壁开采 ; 矿压控制 ; 煤柱稳定性 ; short-wall mining ; ground control ; stability of coal pillar



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34卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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24 - 29

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There is an important significance to develop a set of short-wall mechanized mining technologies, which are adapted to the coal mining under buildings, water bodies and railways and the coal mining of boundary coal seam in our modern mine area. Three kinds of roadway layouts of short-wall mining were brought forward and the mining technique and forming a set of equipment of short-wall mining were studied according to the home-made equipment of short-wall mining and the situation on protecting earth's surface by pillar remaining in mining under buildings, water bodies and railways. The stability of coal pillar of the short-wall mining was analyzed systemically by numerical simulation with the rock failure process analysis software (RFPA2D). The result was applied to the practice of short-wall mining under villages of Wuyang mine to achieve the safe and high-efficient exploitation and control the mining subsidence effectively.

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