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Tydrogeologic Character of Sidaohezi Area and Prediction of Water-Gush Yield of a Tunnel


杨子荣(Zi-Rong Yang);关卫军(Wei-Jun Guan);张忠永(Zhong-Yong Zhang)

Key Words

地下水 ; 补给径流排泄 ; 洞室涌水量 ; groundwater ; recharge-flow-discharge ; yield of tunnel water



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34卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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87 - 90

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The hydrogeologic characteristics of the area is researched. The groundwater is divided into pore phreatic water in loose rock mass, fault pore-fracture water, karst fracture water and fracture water. The groundwater is recharged mainly by atmospheric water and surface water, and discharged mainly by the spring. For the fractured rock bodies penetrated by tunnel, the water yield is estimated less than 25L/min per 10m. For the limestone area penetrated by tunnel, the surface water and tunnel water is well connected hydraulically because of the shallow buried tunnel and the fractured zone of F13 fault which cut through Liuhe river. The maximal water gush yield is about 160~330m^3/s per 50m calculated by both the experiential analysis method and the normative method.

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