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Quantitative Determination of Shidining in Bitongning Capsules by HPLC


杜小英(Xiao-Ying Du);宋願智(Yuan-Zhi Song);張玲(Ling Zhang);姜錦花(Jin-Hua Jiang)

Key Words

痹痛寧膠囊 ; 士的寧 ; HPLC ; Bitongning capsule ; Shidining ; HPLC



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24卷6期(2005 / 12 / 01)

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44 - 45

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Chinese Abstract

目的:用HPLC法測定痹痛寧膠囊中士的寧含量。方法:以正已烷-二氯甲烷-甲醇-濃氨試液(47.50:50.00:5.40:0.35)為流動相;C18色譜柱(250mm×4.6mm)為固定相;檢測波長為254 nm。結果:士的寧在0.319~1.275μg範圍內呈良好的線性關係,r=0.9990,平均回收率為99.80% (n=6),RSD=0.86%。結論:本法簡便、快速,結果準確,可作為該製劑中士的寧的質量控制方法。

English Abstract

Objective: To develop an HPLC method for the quantitative determination of shidining in Bitongning capsules. Method: The HPLC system consist of Hypersil BDS (250nm×4.6nm), mixture solution of hexane-dichloro methane-methanol-thick ammonia as mobile phase with its ratio (47.50:50.00:5.40:0.35), and detection wavelength of 254 nm. Results: The linear correlation was good in the range of 0.319~1.275, correlation coefficient was 0.9990. The average recovery rate was 99.8% (n=6), RSD=0.86. Conclusion: The method is simple, time-saving and the result accurate, so it can he used for quality control of shidining in Bitongning capsules.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 中醫藥學