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Effects of Dietary Zinc on Development of Reproductive System of Male Chinese Mitten-Handed Crab (Eriocheir Sinensis)


王群(Qun Wang);马强(Qiang Ma);李恺(Kai Li);丁银娣(Yin-Di Ding);陈立侨(Li-Qiao Chen)

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中华绒螯蟹 ; 雄性生殖腺 ; 锌 ; 睾酮 ; Eriocheir sinensis ; Male reproduction ; Zinc ; Testosterone



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29卷4期(2005 / 07 / 01)

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417 - 423

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This study investigated the effects of dietary zinc on the development of reproductive system in male Chinese mitten-handed crab (Eriocheir sinensis). Zn sulfate (ZnSO4) was added as dietary zinc source. The crabs were assigned to five groups and fed with an artificial compound diet which added different content of zinc except controls, group 1 to group 4 were added 50mg/kg(subscript feed) 100mg/kg(subscript feed) 200mg/kg(subscript feed) and 400mg/kg(subscript feed) of zinc, respectively. The experiment lasted for 70 days and the results were as follows: zinc content of testis and glandula accessoria of group 2 was the highest (300mg/kg and 150mg/kg, respectively) of all the groups. Controls was zinc non-added, but its zinc content of testis and glandula accessoria were still reached to 85mg/kg and 67mg/kg, respectively. The testosterone concentration and GSI (Gonadosamic index) of group 2 were also the highest one (0.835ng/mL and 25.94×10^(-3), respectively), and controls was the lowest one. In testis, the activities of AKP and LDH increased fastly and then descended rapidly during the whole experiment, and all groups reached their peaks at 30 days, and group 2 was always the highest one between all groups. In glandula accessoria, the activities of AKP and LDH reached their peaks at 50 and 70 days respectively, and group 2 was still the highest one, and it was important to mention, the activity of AKP descended quickly after its peak, and reached very low level at the end of the experiment. All results suggested: the content of zinc in reproductive system based on the proper content of dietary zinc, and once zinc over-added it would resulted in the reduce of the zinc accumulation; Proper zinc content could accelerate the speed of development of reproductive system and increase the secretion of testosterone; The activities of AKP and LDH of testis and glandula accessoria had obvious relevancy with its zinc content.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 動物學