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Progress in Dynamic Studies of Nuclear Proteins


王愛俠(Ai-Xia Wang);陳傑(Jie Chen);劉紅林(Hong-Lin Liu)

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蛋白質動態變化 ; 漂白後熒光恢復/漂白熒光丟失 ; 細胞核區域 ; 共價修飾 ; 基因調控 ; protein dynamics ; FRAP/FLIP ; nuclear compartment ; covalent modification ; gene regulation



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31卷4期(2004 / 04 / 01)

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304 - 308

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FRAP and FLIP are two techniques that are usually applied to study the dynamics of protein in living cells. In recent years, studies of protein dynamics by these two techniques showed: some proteins are mobile, and they rapidly associate and dissociate with their respective compartments in the nucleus of living cells. Furthermore, protein movement is mainly independent of energy, which indicates that proteins may use a passive mechanism of movement. Additionally, covalent modifications have effect on the mobility of some proteins. Protein dynamics in the karyon is important to the nuclear architecture and gene regulation, however, the detail mechanism is still unknown and expected to further study.

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