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Development in Spintronics


颜冲(Chong Yan);于军(Jun Yu);包大新(Da-Xing Bao);陈文洪(Wen-Hong Chen);朱大中(Da-Zhong Zhu)

Key Words

自旋电子学 ; 巨磁电阻 ; 稀磁半导体 ; 自旋相关输运 ; spintronics ; giant magnetoresistance ; diluted magnetic semiconductor ; spin-dependent transport



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25卷1期(2005 / 02 / 25)

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1 - 6

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Spintronics is a new discipline which developed speedily in the 1990s.The advantages of the spintronic devices would be nonvolatility, increased data processing speed, decreased electric power consumption, and increased integration densities compared with conventional semiconductor electronic devices. It is envisioned that the merging of electronics, photonics, and magnetics will ultimately lead to new spin-based multifunctional devices such as spin-FET(field effect transistor), spin-LED (light-emitting diode), spin RTD (resonant tunneling device), optical switches operating at terahertz frequency, modulators, encoders, decoders, and quantum bits for quantum computation and communication and give rise to a revolution for information technology. The recent development of spintronics is introduced.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
工程學 > 電機工程